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Bumble bees are excellent pollinators in greenhouses and open air. As opposed to honeybees, they are active at lower temperatures and will fly during windy and cloudy conditions. Pollination ensures maximum fruit quality and yield.

Global Horticultural Inc. bumble bees are provided in an insulated hive which contains a concentrated fructose reservoir that serves as food for the bees. This fructose is always available to the bees and will last the lifetime of the hive. The hive is also equipped with a lock that allows the bees to enter the hive but stops them from leaving. This is useful if the hive needs to be moved.

Bumblebee Hive Instructions

Due to handling of the hive during shipping we do not pre-punch the sugarbag as spillage can occur and therefore affect the health of the hive.

:: Instructions for use:

  • Ensure the hive is kept upright.
  • Avoid placing the hive near a CO2 source.
  • Place the hive in an area protected from the sun and condensation, 0.5 to 1 meter above the ground.
  • Hive placement will effect the efficiency of the bees.

:: Optimal placement is:

  • On or near the sidewalk.
  • Between the rows.
  • In the winter place the hive above the crop.

:: In spring and summer place the hive below the lower leaves.

  • Allow the hive to calm down for at least 1 hour after placing it in its final position before opening. If there is less than 3 hours of daylight left in the day, open in the hive the next morning.
  • If the hive needs to be moved, slide the hive opening to “IN only” and allow the bees to return for 4 hours before moving. This allows the bees to enter the hive but not exit it.
  • Before you apply pesticides ensure that they are safe for the bees. If your not sure please call us.

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