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Coco Products

We carry high quality and certified coir and coco peat growing media imported from Sri Lanka. Production of all products are done with selected raw materials by utilizing modern machinery and up-to-date production techniques available to the industry. All these raw materials are extracted from the Coconut husk, the outer fiber shell of the Coconut fruit

Compared to other countries where Coconut is grown, Sri Lankan material has it's own distinct features which are considered to be advantages by growers. Even the milling methods differs from other countries as the Coconut husk are aged before milling until outer greenish crust of the Coconut husk turns brown.

Coco Crush

Coco Peat

Coco Chips

Coco Fibre

Reasons For Choosing Coco Growing Medium

  • High level of water absorbtion and retaining quality.
  • Slow decomposing stable material similar to soil conditions
  • Organic material free from weeds, seeds and pathogens.
  • Proven material conducive to plant growth.
  • A user-friendly medium adjustable to different growing requirements.
  • Comes in a variety of different material selection for specific growing needs. Click on the images to the left to enlarge.

Quality Management

Courtesy Coco Agro
The manufacturing process is under the direct supervision of a highly skilled and experienced production team. All our products go through a vigorous quality assurance process at every phase of the production to ensure the best standards. Testing is done at the company's fully equipped laboratory and random samples are tested at reputable, independent sources. Our own personnel at Global Horticultural is included in this process at regular, annual intervals. All our products are produced to match international guidelines & standards set out for Cocopeat growing mediums.

Strict quality control measures are adopted from the raw material extraction point to delivery point to ensure that the customer receives the right quality end product. Traceability method & systems have been adopted to trace back a particular batch to its source, empowering the management to answer any post sales quarries.


All products come washed and sterilized. Click on the text below for more information directly from our source.

Cocopeat Grow Bags  |   Cocopeat Bale / Blocks  |   Cocopeat Bales (25 Kg)
Cocopeat Bricks  |   Husk Chips Bales  |   Coco Crushed Bales
Cocopeat Planter Bags  |   Coir Pots  |   Coco Seedling Tablets
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