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Crop Support

Clips and Hooks

We have a wide variety of clips and hooks when you need to hold up, string up or support just about any type of plant, foliage or vegetable:

¬  Mg-U Truss Clips
(used to avoid “bending”. Solid or accordian styles available)

¬  Head/Lateral
(support hook to support Cucumber laterals or plant heads)

¬  SELFA Clip
(used to hold net supports to posts)

¬  Mg-J hook
(support used avoid “bending” from weight. Different models available)

¬  Double C-Hook
(used for cluster support)

¬  C-Hook
(for cluster support or heavy fruit support)

¬  Plant Ring

¬  TC-20 Clips
(vine to twine clips for stem support. Also available in “Paskal” Clips)

¬  Plant Ring
(used to support or confine plants in the pot)

¬  Jobu Clip Rings
(For holding plants to stakes. Green colour, 5 different sizes available)

¬  Orchid Clip
¬  Paskal Clip

Flower Netting

Flower netting is used for supporting cut flowers while growing. This netting is long lasting galvanized steel wire. Contact us for suggested sizes for your crop.

Net Supports and clips

We carry European supports as well as supports we supply from our workshop. The cross bars are manufactured by us as well. Ask us what clips are available.


:: Jute

Biodegradable, yet sturdy, our 3- or 5-strand jute is labour-saving and environmentally-safe to support your cucumbers. Just throw it away with the crop! Twine feeds from the middle of roll for easy dispersal. Quantity per roll is 1470 metres (4,822 feet).

:: Poly twine

UV treated. Colours available are blue, black, green, yellow, white and brown. Quantity per roll is 6630 metres (21,750 feet) and sold by the kilogram.

Tomato “ Roller- Hook”

This heavy gauge wire hook hangs on your overhead wires with two support loops. Attached to it is a plastic spool with enough UV treated twine for three crops. When you have ended the spool, just purchase a new spool filled with twine.

¬  Spools (550 per box)
¬  Wire hooks (550 per box)

NOTE: For free-fall tomato hooks and vine supports, please refer to our On-site Manufacturing section.

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