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Cutflower Additives

Chrysal Products

:: Chrysal RVB (Professional 1)

Checks the processes in the flower stem and water that causes vascular plugging. As a result, the water uptake is increased, preventing premature withering and considerably improving the inner quality of the cut flower.

¬  an excellent conditioner for roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums
¬  Most universal flower pre-treatment
¬  Keeps bacteria down
¬  Has minimal sugar
¬  Keeps water clear
¬  Reusable for 1 week

:: Chrysal Clear Professional 2

¬  For processing of all fresh flowers during shipping and sales
¬  Hydrates flowers and supplies them with food to survive the distribution period without developing prematurely
¬  Keeps water clear, clean and odourless
¬  The solution can be used up to one week
¬  Has a 7:3 ratio of food to hydrator

:: Chrysal Professional 3

99% flower food — equivalent to the flower sachets sold separately.

:: Chrysal Bulb T-bags 900

A one-step application for bulbus cutflowers. Applying one bag in your bucket is sufficient and meets regulatory standards.

:: Chrysal T-bags 1500

An easy one-step application for your non-bulbus cutflowers. Dropping one unit in your water bucket is sufficient and meets regulatory standards.

:: Chrysal CVB

A conditioner for gerberas, roses and other cutflowers. It controls bacterial growth and keeps the water clean — preventing vascular plugging and premature wilting. Vase life and ornamental value is considerably improved. Helps prevent clogging in woody vessels in the stem. (i.e. Gerbera).

:: Chrysal SVB

¬  Sensitive to leaf yellowing (i.e. alstroemeria, lilies).
¬  Plant hormones (gives hormones roots would usually uptake).

:: Chrysal OVB

Prevents vascular plugging thereby increasing water uptake. Flowers open better resulting in higher quality appearance and longer life span.

¬  Conditioner for Gypsophila
¬  OVB is a pre-treatment for Gypsophila and other summer flowers.

:: Chrysal AVB

Used in Ethylese sensitive flowers (i.e. carnations, lilies).

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