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Galvanised Wire Products

Listed below are samples of products our work that we manufacture onsite. This means everything is done to your satisfaction with the benefit of lower costs. We work with greenhouse growers to customize these products to your specific working environment. Call a representative to arrange a quote for your custom aluminum equipment.

Free Fall Tomato Hooks

Courtesy Lorne Bowman; Credit: Juan Cornolo
These hooks are specially designed for supporting your tomato plants. An extra bend of metal is added to this hook to allow a pre-determined length of twine to immediately be ready from the wire to the ground — a convenient feature that saves a lot of setup time. Pre- determined amounts of “leaning & lowering” twine are also customized to your preferred increments. A variety of coloured twine is available. Also suitable for your second and third sheet.

Vine Supports

These vine supports are a great asset by protecting your stems from breakage and disease by keeping them off the ground. Global Horticultural can manufacture almost any size support at 2 different gauges of galvanized wire.

¬  Spacing: every 3-4 ft in the rows of plants.

Plant holders

Adaptive to a varying sizes of pots. The diametre of the ring and height of the hanger is customizable upon request.

Irrigation Hooks & High Wire Hooks

Available in just about any length. For high wire hooks, with high greenhouses, you can adjust your wire to the right height.

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