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Greenhouse Equipment

Bluelab® pH Probe for irrigation

Measuring Devices

:: EC & pH equipment

Longevity and durability are the reasons we carry Elmeco® and Bluelab®. These devices are very accurate and easy to calibrate.

For Elmeco®, we carry high and low pressure probes, 4.0 and 7.0 buffer solutions for pH as well as EC solution. A very heavy-duty brand.

From Bluelab® we stock pH and EC probes and metres, also in a easy-to-use and convenient combo metre which includes temperature reading. There are two varieties of probes, depending on purpose: for soil and for irrigation. Small pH test strips are also available.

Bluelab® pH Probe

:: Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large easy to read displays
  • Simple push button calibration (for pH)
  • No calibration required for EC and temp
  • Selectable values for EC and temp
  • Battery operated
  • Auto turn off function

:: Weigh Scales

Stainless steel drip-proof models available with easy to read LCD displays. Capable of switching between metric and imperial. Available sizes are: 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 60kg and up.

Measuring cups

These measuring cups are transparent with easy and accurate measurement capabilities. Available sizes: 5,000 mL, 3,000 mL, 2,000 mL, 1,000 mL, 500 mL, 250 mL, 100 mL, 50 mL


  Soil Theremometer Short 40 cm
  Soil Thermometer Long 90 cm
  Min /max Thermometer

Spraying Equipment

:: Enbar LVM system (Low Volume Misting)

One Enbar unit will sufficiently treat approximately 30,000 square feet of greenhouse, providing there is enough air flow throughout the area. It is required that air is moved at least 1.75 times per hour, with 2.2 times being optimal HAF (horizontal air flow). For each unit to run, you will need approximately one horsepower compressor. Each unit can be equipped with a time control unit which allows you to set the time that you want the unit to run, as well as the spraying time. If you want the LVM to run through an existing computer system, this can be arranged. The units can either be permanently mounted (centralized as possible), or be made portable by installing the unit on a flower trolley (see picture).

:: Lime Sprayers

For the application of lime or other sprayable liquids in an easy to handle tube. Mainly used for small applications of whitewash.

:: Spray Booms

Custom made. See our Custom Aluminum Products section.

Other Equipment

Low NOX CO2 hot air heaters

A side effect of gas burners is the production of nitrogen oxide. Unfortunately, this excess of nitrogen oxides inhibits crop growth. Therefore, the Low NOx burner has been specially designed to minimise this harmful discharge by no less than 85 percent. Another key feature is its low noise level. Other CO2 Heater products include:

  Atmospheric CO2 hot air heaters
  Modulating hot air heaters
  Direct fired hot air heaters
  Direct fired air heaters

Nivola Sulphur evaporators

An environmentally-friendly answer to mildew. The Nivola sulphur evaporator evaporates the right amount of sulphur safely, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The intentionally-designed chimney effect guarantees an optimum distribution of the sulphur in a greenhouse setting. These two elements, the amount of sulphur and its distribution, are what controls mildew most effectively.

The Nivola cap, reduces sulphur deposits on screens or glass over the sulphur evaporator. The pendant raises the tilting point of the sulphor evaporator and contributes greatly to the stability of the Nivola sulphur evaporator.

Hand cuc wrapper

Holds 18 inch cuc wrap. A one roll basic unit. The hot plate measures 6 x 15 inches and has tension adjustments for film and maximum usage. Each unit is equipped with extra large rubber feet to prevent sliding during use.

Generators and Water Pumps

We offer Mitsubishi generators ranging from 1000 to 6700 watts. These generators are air cooled, gas engines with an inclined cyclinder. They have a large fuel capacity for extended operation. Along with generators we also carry Mitsubishi waterpumps. These are 4.0 or 6.0HP centrifugal and self-priming pumps that weigh less than 32 kg. The maximum capacity of these pumps are 164 GPM and 304 GPM for a 2- and 3-inch waterpump respectively.

Flower Carts

Your standard Danish flower cart. These carts come with 3 shelves. Solid nylon or pneumatic wheels and additional shelves are available upon request.

Electric and Hydraulic picking carts & Scissors

These carts are a handy mode of transport in the greenhouse, available in 2 sizes: pipe rail and pneumatic. These carts travel forward and backwards with the turn of a controller. Speed control is also available.

The scissor units to these carts are either manual or hydraulic with easy foot control. A fully chargeble battery is equipped with an available charger (sold separately). Contact us on quotes for new and used units. We also offer service repair.

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