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Greenhouse Shading

Temperzon Whitewash

A screening agent for glass and poly houses. Available in powder or T-74 liquid form. Long-, medium- and short-term applications are available in the powder form, whereas T-74 is long-term only — becoming transparent when wet.


A screening agent on calcium base for glass and pastic. For optimal screening and maximal heat reduction, Decilight® produces a screening rate of 80 percent in dry conditions, and of approximately 60 percent in wet conditions. Decilight® is specifically developed for crops in horticultural greenhouses that require an effective chalk screen for warm, sunny regions. Based on calcium carbonate and modified starches, Decilight® contains no harmful ingredients.


Provides customised screening through sophisticated coating technology and ensures the combination of two major qualities: transparency during rain and ease of removal with Greenhouse Clean CC. Luxotech® is free of chalk and silicates, allowing a high degree of transparency to be achieved in wet conditions — maximizing the transmission of growth light. Depending on the crop and the required amount of screening, Luxotech® can be applied with a dilution ratio of 1:2 to 1:8 without quality loss and is virtually insusceptible to aging — thereby offering a long-lasting and sustainable screening effect.

Curtain Systems

Shading system quotes are available upon request.

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