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GrowVision® water-solubles

Water-soluble fertilisers you can trust

Courtesy Sunrise Greenhouses Ltd; Credit: Rob Blom
Formula-tested and quality that’s unsurpassed, our line of water-soluble fertilisers have provided growers with prime crop responses time and time again. Our extensive line of products (see list below) ensures a (mixture of) fertiliser(s) that’s right for your business.

Every GrowVision® formula comes with a guaranteed analysis of trace elements, insuring that the exact nutrients your crop needs for a profitable growth are included. No more, no less.

GrowVision® formulas offer a total nutrient feed; with guaranteed amounts (where applicable) of the following chelated elements: sulphur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, calcium and magnesium as well as the primary N P K requirements. For a complete breakdown of the guarenteed analysis, PPM and EC readings on any formula, please contact us and request a technical data sheet.

GrowVision® formulas promote predictable crop response bag after bag because of stringent quality control of both the raw materials and finished product. From total solubility to crop response, growers know what to expect when using GrowVision®.

Choosing your fertilizer

Listed below is a sample of our more popular formulas for use in greenhouse crops. In addition to these, other formulas that are scientifically designed for tackling specific problems (such as pH of growing media and water or an imbalance of minor elements) are available. Knowing what’s in your water and growing media is the first step in choosing the right fertilizer. Help is available through your state universities, independent labs or you can contact us.

The PLUS in each of these formulas indicates that it contains a minor element complex of boron, copper, Iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, and sulphur. Many formulas also contain magnesium and calcium. For more specific and detailed information on any formula contact us.

»  GrowVision® Products

   0-5-30 P-K Plus
   3-15-26 Hydroponic Special
   4-18-38 Hydro Special
   4-25-35 Conifer Finisher
   5-40-17 Super Blossom
   6-30-30 Blossom Setter
   10-20-30 Potash Special
   10-30-20 Blossom Booster
   12-31-14 Bloomin & Flowerin
   12-45-10 Super Start
   13-0-44 Hi-K Special
   13-2-13 Plug Special
   13-38-17 Spray N Seed
   14-0-14 Plug Special
   15-0-15 Hi Cal Special
   15-3-18 Hi Cal Special
   15-3-20 Pansy Special
   15-5-15 Cal-Mag Special.pdf
   15-5-25 Poinsettia Special
   15-5-30 Bromeliad Special
   15-10-30 Pot Mum Special
   16-4-12 Easter Lily Special
   16-45-7 Seed Starter Special
   17-0-17 Potted Plant Special
   17-5-17 Cal-Mag Special
   17-17-17 Triple 17 no Trace
   17-17-17 Geranium Special
   18-3-18 Potted Plant Special
   18-6-18 Mag-Iron Special
   19-26-14 Rose Food
   20-0-20 Cal Special
   20-5-20 Cal-Mag GP
   20-5-30 Hi Nitrate Special
   20-7-20 GP Hi-Mag
   20-7-20 GP Alkaline Water
   20-8-20 Forestry
   20-10-20 General Purpose
   20-10-20 GP no Trace
   20-20-20 General Purpose
   20-20-20 GP no Trace
   21-5-20 General Purpose
   21-7-7 Azalea Neutral
   21-7-7 Acid Special
   24-8-16 Tropical Foliage Special
   25-0-25 No Phosphate Special
   28-18-08 Hi Acid
   30-10-10 Ornamental Special
   Chemec Trace Mix

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