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Gutter Systems

Using 0.6 mm galvanized steel, finished with a white coating of either Polysester (general purpose), Topcoat™ (ultra strong) or Plastisol (heavy duty), we develop a large array of customizable gutter products.

Gutter systems have many advantages to both growing and labour conditions:

Advantages in Growing Conditions
  • Levelled slab foundation leads to uniform water distribution in slabs
  • Slab elevation from soil and better air circulation increases temperature response in slabs
  • An ideal slope with no loss of water and fertilizers generates greater vegetative/generative growth control in plants
  • No wet spots in the greenhouse means less spread of diseases
  • Better air flow through the crop

Advantages in Labour Conditions
  • product hangs at picking height, creating an ergonomic environment with easier and faster harvesting
  • no wets spots creates a hygienic environment for your workers
  • continuous lengths allows efficient installation and less maintenance for leakage reworking

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