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Irrigation Systems

We carry an extensive line of PVC fittings, pipe, and accessories. Imperial and metric sizes are available in many fittings. We offer complete and comprehensive irrigation solutions for your greenhouse.

If you need specific items, a quote or a consultation please contact us.

Irrigation Systems

:: Pre-Assembled Drip Lines

We assemble drip irrigation systems right here at Global. Each system is custom-made to fit your (customizable) greenhouse needs. There are two main systems available, the french capillary system and the pressure regulated/compensated system. You also have the option of self-assembling the system. All fittings and pipes are available.

:: French Capillary

This system of drip lines is accomplished through a small polyethylene line (spaghetti) and spike. The amount of water given to each individual plant is solely based upon the inside diameter of the spaghetti and pressure of the line. The spaghetti comes in 2,3,4 or 5 litre/h sizes.

:: Pressure Regulated/Compensated

Similar to the french capillary system, this system uses emitters to compensate for the loss of water pressure in the line. The emitters open (approx. at 3lbs/psi) evenly when the line is completely full. This, unlike the french capillary system, can handle longer feed lines and larger quantities of plants per valve station. These emitters determine the amount of water given to the plant. (e.g. 2L, 3L, 4L, 8L and 12L)

:: Misting Irrigation

A system that sprays water from overhead through either a pvc pipe or aluminum pipe. Again, this can be custom-made right here at Global, or can be self-assembled.

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