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Minor Elements and Acids

We also stock the following minor elements and acids. Each minor element may be purchased in smaller quantities or in their original full-sized bags.

  Minor Element Fertilisers

   Iron Chelate 13%
   Iron Chelate 11%
   Iron 7% (DTPA)
   Iron 6% (EDDHA)
   Iron 6% (Liquid DTPA)
   Iron 3% (Liquid DTPA)
   Borax 20.5% or 11%
   Manganese Sulphate 32%
   Manganese Chelate
   Zinc Sulphate 35.5%
   Zinc Chelate 14%
   Sodium Molybdate
   Copper Sulphate 24%
   Copper Chelate


Similarily, different sizes apply to the acids as well. Sizes come in can, keg and drum format.


   Nitric Acid
   Phosphoric Acid
   Citric Acid
   Sulphuric Acid
   Hydrogen Pyroxide 35%

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