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Paint Supplies

We have an extensive line of safe greenhouse paints. Multi-purpose vinyl gloves are also availabe from small to extra-large. Below is a sample of our products:

Paracoat [black] (elastic, water-tight black coating for concrete and metal)

  • paste containing asphalt-bitumen strengthened with fibers (no asbestos)
  • ideal for protecting metals in water tanks, aluminum troughs, gutters, etc.
  • also suitable for protecting concrete from water, acids and damp.
  • odourless and non-contaminating when dry
  • apply by brush, in one direction
  • coverage 1 ltr. Per 1-1 1/2m2

Gutter Coating [black] (for gutters and bars)

  • painting paste based on asphalt-bitumen and polymers (special resins)
  • protection of gutters (including galvanized) and wood and iron bars
  • forms a half-hardy somewhat elastic shield with an outstanding
  • seals small leaks
  • brush-on
  • application: 1 ltr/4-8m2 or approx. 20m of glasshouse guttering

Quick coating [black] (for metals incl. Glasshouse gutters)

  • contains asphalt and special resins (tar-free)
  • gives metals excellent and long lasting protection
  • dries quickly approximately 20 minutes at 20C
  • apply by brush or spray onto dust free and dry surfaces
  • application: 1L for approximately 6m2 or 20m glasshouse gutters

Hermopal white [clear white or grey] (anti-corrosive for steel constructions and heating pipes)

  • dries quickly, hardens thoroughly and gives a soft gloss, anti rust cover
  • suitable for all iron work: with heating pipes apply when the pipes are hand warm
  • does not insulate or harm vegetative growth when dry. Apply 2 layers to new work
  • 1st layers grey later layers white
  • apply with roller or painting mitten to save costs
  • coverage 1 Litre per approximately 10m2 or 70m. Heating pipes with a diametre of 51mm (2")
  • density 1 Litre = approximately 1.4kg

Steampipe Coating [red-brown or white] (quick-drying anti-corrosive for steel)

  • steel paint with excellent protection, adhesion, resistance to chipping, and quick drying
  • very versatile because its fast drying (approximately 1 hr @ 20C) and excellent
  • protection
  • spray brush or roll on
  • coverage: 1 ltr per =/- 10m2 (density approximately 1.45 kg)
  • can be applied to steam liner

  Other available paint products

   Isopal (insulation paint)
   Aluminum paint
   Hermopox (plain, Aqua, Aqua prime) 2-component water-based epoxy paint
   Descaler (ontkalker)
   Degreaser (ontvetter)
   Silo paint (silolak)

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