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Plant Supplements

Alsa (not sold in Canada)

Alsa is a natural crop protection product on the basis of odour and taste compounds derived from garlic. These compounds — effective against harmful insects such as thrips, aphid, sciara, taxus weevil, etc. — are present in garlic where they are dissolved in oil.

When Alsa is applied, the scent and flavour of your plant change in such a way that insects no longer find it attractive. The insects become restless and leave their hiding-place. Natural predators can now be used much more effectively in the fight against pests. Moreover, preventative use of Alsa allows a substancial decrease in the frequency of chemical spraying; ensuring your crop remains in healthier condition.

Alsa remains active in the plant for about 7 to 10 days. After this active period, the compounds are transformed within the plant which are recycled and used in natural metabolisation cycles. Thus, weekly doses of Alsa are recommended.


Modicell is a liquid, natural enzyme preparation comprising of fifteen different enzymes. These enzymes ensure that root residues in an artificial substrate are broken down rapidly. The rapid decomposition prevents old roots from accumulating and rotting — giving disease-causing agents less of a chance. In addition to enzymes, Modicell also contains vitamins that promote root growth and increase the absorption capacity of the roots.

Do not use Modicell simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide

Plant XL™

A bio-stimulant made up of micro organisms, trace elements and natural acids suspended in carbon solution (humic acid). It is formulated to promote and protect root zones.

Available in 10L, 100L, 190L and 1000L quantities


Based on humic acid, fulvic acid and trace elements, Humika™ is a source of fertilizer as well as a nutrient transporter into plant roots. It strengthens cell membranes, increases microbial activity and decreases immune response time. Humika™ has a proven track record in many field crops increasing yield response1 by 10 percent.

Available in 10L, 100L, 200L and 1000L quantities

Plant Guard™

Natural plant oils, plant hormones, citronella and pyrethrins are combined to give foliar protection during the growing season. Plant Guard™ is environmentally-friendly, and can be used numerous times on the crop. Plant Guard™ may or may not be harmful to both beneficial and non-beneficial insects.

Available in 1L and 10L quantities

Clean Leaf II™

Clean-Leaf will keep your leaves fresh and green throughout the growing season. It works by covering the leaf surface with a thin layer of paraffinic oil (with a small amount of nitrogen) for successful leaf protection against the elements.

Available in 10L, 114L and 1045L quantities


As the name suggests, ocean minerals are harvested to enhance the taste of fruits or vegetables grown hydroponically or commercially as well as to create healthier crops. These minerals are not found in commercial fertilizers or in many soils.

1 Field trials on Humika™ were run by a third party, and not Global Horticultural or Alpha Agri-Product.

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