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:: Clay Pots

We stock many sizes of clay pots, in both plain design and specialty design. Available sizes include (radius): 10cm, 11cm, 13cm, 17cm, 20cm, larger sizes on request.

:: Plastic Pots

We have a diverse set of plastic pots for every occassion. We carry:
  round and square pots
  hanging baskets
  printed, orchid and net pots
  transport and cultivation trays
  young plant trays

and much, much more. Contact us for more information.

:: Transparent Pots

Starting at 12cm.

:: Gerbera Pots

We offer a variety of european sizes. Please contact us for more information.

Jiffy Pots

Jiffy-Pots are manufactured from outstanding raw materials, consisting of a minimum of 50% sphagnum peat, wood fibre and lime to adjust the pH. The peat content provides a combination of superior root penetration, good drainage and aeration whilst the wood fibres strengthen the pot.

Usage Advantages
  No transplantation shock
  Quicker potting no pots to take off
  Less labour costs
  No plastic pot to recycle or dispose of
  Air pruning stimulates root development

:: Jiffy-7

The Jiffy-7 pellet is made from sphagnum peat from specially selected peat bogs. Lime and a special fertilizer with a low ammonium content are added to the peat in order to stimulate growth. The pellets have a pH of around 5.3 and are wrapped in a thin and degradable net.

Usage Advantages
  Free root development
  Reliable substrate same product every time
  Ready/easy to use
  Easy to store/transport low volume
  High quality young plants produce high quality finished plants

:: Jiffy Forestry

The Jiffy-7 pellet is made from sphagnum peat from specially selected bogs. The pellet has a standard pH from 4,5 5,0 and contains no fertilizer. All necessary fertilisers must be added at the nursery. The pellet comes in a thin, environmentally-friendly and easily breakable net. Jiffy-7 Forestry is established with the intent to give forestry plants the optimal start biologically. The system favors fast field establishment and development of a root system close to natures own root system, securing a stable and high quality forest.

:: Jiffy Preforma

The new product range of Jiffy is the Preforma Plant Plug. This product was developed about 12 years ago and proved itself as an outstanding product in this period of time. The Preforma plant plug is very flexible in size, tray, substrate etc. Because of these advantages it is possible for each individual grower to use the tray which fits in his propagation area with a wide range of substrate choices.

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