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Climate Controllers and Computers

Sercom Regeltechniek manufactures electronics and computers for automation control in the horticultural industry. The program runs from simple level switches to advanced process computers. Since 1984, Sercom has supplied thousands of process computers, which function to the satisfaction of its users.

Sercom Process Computers

The well designed and highly developed SERCOM system has advanced over the years from information gained in the horticultural and agricultural business. The Sercom microprocessor is enclosed in a heavy-duty material, which will protect the microprocessor against outside elements. As a result, Sercom computers keep on working in extreme high and low temperatures. They accept power fluctuations and are not prone to influences by outside signals, allowing the microprocessor to be placed in almost every environment.

The Sercom microprocessor is easy to use with either the color LCD display keyboard or your PC (Personal computer). Since the microprocessor is a stand-alone unit it runs independent from the color LCD keyboard or PC. This way, you are guaranteed the microprocessor will do it’s work continuously.

All Sercom microprocessors are data network ready, making it possible to connect an unlimited amount of units. Some of the data communication uses fiber optics, which will make the computer insensitive to induction damage with thunder and lightning.


SercoVision™ is the operating and registration program for the SERCOM Process Computer, and runs under Windows. The program provides a clear and comprehensive insight into the control processes in your business. Because the program operates according to the Windows standard, you will quickly get used to this way of working.

The operating structure ties in seamlessly with the existing PC programs or the LCD or monitor controls. Operating with SercoVision™ is the same as with the business’ other operating units. However, the use of the mouse and the large monitor allow far more possibilities. For example, settings can be changed more easily.

C600 Window controller

The SC600 controls the greenhouse climate by providing fully automatic adjustment of the ventilating windows. The SC600’s regular adjusting knobs create a regulated environment combined with optimum user friendliness. In addition, the SC600 features a microcomputer using the most advanced technology. The SC600 thus combines simplicity of traditional electronics with the flexibility of modern electronics. It will also control your heating with a pre-night feature.

The meteorological station features a rain indicator which, in rainy weather, guarantees that the windward side automatically closes and that the side sheltered from the wind remains open to let the water drain off.

Other Sercom products

¬  SERCOM CO/NO safety devices
¬  LCD operating unit
¬  Humidity/Temperature measuring unit

We also provide full installation services and technical support for these climate computers and controllers. For quotes or assistance, please contact us.

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