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Other Sleeve Features

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Grown in Canada Labelling
Multi-lingual printing
Custom Printing
Patterns (per-order basis)
Closed bottom
Air vents


We carry a comprehensive supply of sleeves sizes of various material and thicknesses. Non-conventional sizes are available upon request. Thickness and quality factors are listed below:

CPP 30

Cast Polypropylene. This is a strong plastic sleeve which does not tear very easily.

BOPP 40/50

Bi-orientated Polypropylene. This is a very clear sleeve, stiffer than CPP. It stands up nicely but may tear quicker. BOPP 50 is available on request

Courtesy Van der Windt Verpakking

Bouquet Sleeves

Global Horticultural supplies bouquet sleeves on request in transparent or metalised BOPP, in a choice of attractive designs and varying colours. Virtually every size and shape is possible and sleeves can also be printed with your own design using either flexoprint or copperplate printing techniques.

Client-specific printed sleeves give your flowers and plants added-value, increase recognition of your products and also make your products stand out from the crowd.

Bio-based Packaging

The demand for special 'BIO' packaging is growing, and so is our business. We supply, on request, bio-based sleeves, films and trays made of 100% biodegradable and compostable raw materials. Client-specific styling is possible because these renewable materials are very easy to print.

The materials are manufactured from renewable resources like starch from corn or biomass and from fibres such as sugarcane or palmfibre. The use of agricultural crops gives a positive contribution to the carbon footprint.

Flower Buckets

Plastic buckets have for many years been an important logistical solution for keeping cut flowers in good condition during transportation. The flower bucket is also an ideal way to present the flowers to the consumer. Ridges on the inside of the bucket ensure bouquets do not slide around.

Courtesy Van der Windt Verpakking

Herb Packaging


Global Horticultural supplies extremely smooth and strong Wentofan Super® (CPP) sleeves which enable even the rough-surfaced pots of herbs to be packed very quickly. The consistent quality of these sleeves guarantees that both manual and machine packing proceed with optimum efficiency.


We can also supply a complete range of HACCP articles so that your herbs can be packed in hygienic conditions. We have films with anti-condensation properties, (laser) perforated films and multi-layer barrier films that extend the product's shelf-life.In combination with the film we also supply various types of trays for flowpack or topseal applications.

As this is a growing trend in Canada harboured from European herb growers, supply is on a per-order basis.

Courtesy Van der Windt Verpakking

Rolls and Sheets

We offer new, improved and customisable types of decorative packaging for our customers. Rolls are suitable for both manual and automated packaging of flowers. Rolls and sheets can be printed with the florist's name and address, the grower's logo, the product specifications or a colourful design.

Flower Rackets

A sturdy packing design from FlowerRackets®, mainly for Gerbera growers. These flower rackets combine the benefit of a longer shelf-life due to transport in water — rather than in boxes — with a reduced number of gerbera's per packaging.

Flower Racket Advantages

  ::  Longer shelf-life
  ::  Flower protection
  ::  Smaller amounts per package
  ::  Aesthetically pleasing for customers

Other Equipment

Sleeve Clamps

:: Table Pac

A simple table-top station that holds a single clamp for sleeves. These stations are capable of clamping most sizes of sleeves.

:: Quadro Pac

A simple sleeve clamp stand capable of holding up to 4 sleeves per stand.

:: Round Pac

Two half-moon holders capable of holding 2 sleeves per stand.

:: Hebo Halters

State-of-the-art sleeve clamps in half-moon shape. Available in different sizes.

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