Plant Care Tags

Plant Tags

Our latest endeavour in bringing a comprehensive sales concept to your business. These trends come straight from Europe and offer superior material, design, and colours. With limitless imagination, anything is possible. See below our images for ideas and inspiration.

Hanging Tag Stick Tag Stick Tag Stick Tag Stick Tag Stick Tag Hanging Tag Hanging Tag Hanging Tag

Quality Material

Profesionalism was in mind when bringing our customers quality plant tags. Not only are they sturdier, but remain colourfast under any conditions due to UV inks and varnishes used in printing. This allows tags to be left outside without any concern to the grower, nursery, or florist.

Customise your Plant Tags

We can set up all your printing work from a few plastic labels to a promotion line developed down to the last detail. Any idea can be materialised. Once you have your first design, it's very easy to maintain your own branding. You have the option of using our large database of high quality images or supplying your own photos. Contact us to get started with a plant tag project. Current projects underway involve Stick-in Tags, Hanging Tags, and Pot Covers.

Custom Tags

We take care of the complete production. From design and layout to printing and assembly if necessary. The result: ready-to-use labels, superbly made, exactly the way you want.

Consultation Process

It is quite simple: book a consultation. We will send over a representative to discuss your business direction, initiatives, and vision and commit to collaborating your sales concept with our expertise in design.

We offer free design on most orders too! After your final approval, we will begin the manufacturing and printing process to offer you:

:: high quality, colourful and sturdy tags
:: UV-resistant ink so you never have to worry about colour fading
:: your own branding for multiple plants and ornamentals


Once you've settled on a design, it is very easy to brand your business with similar tags for a variety of different purposes. Below are two examples.

Branding Example Branding Example Branding Example Branding Example Branding Example

Pot Covers

Apart from Stick-in Tags and Hanging Tags, there is a growing interest and large success in the Niagara region with Pot Covers. Below is one example.

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