We aim to provide invaluable experience and inventory for all aspects of your greenhouse development. Starting from building a greenhouse (Greenhouse Supplies & Equipment) up until the final presentation of your product (Plant Care Tags). We call this overview: the evolution of your greenhouse. For more information, please download our catalogue by going to the Resources page or simply clicking on the image to the right (v.5 coming soon!).

one | The Greenhouse

… We carry a wide range of essential greenhouse supplies such as paints, pots, measuring equipment, spraying devices, ground covers and much, much more. Below is a sample of the many products available from our extensive stock.

Ground Covers, Pots, and Seeds

PVC Irrigation and Supplies

Climate Control Systems :: Sercom & Damatex

Measuring Devices and Spraying Equipment

Elmeco EC & pH, Scales, Measuring Cups, Thermometers, Enbar LVM, Lime Sprayers, Spray Booms

Paint Supplies

We carry an extensive line of safe greenhouse paints. Multi-purpose vinyl gloves also availabe. Below is a sample of our products:
  1. 1. Paracoat [black] (elastic, water-tight black coating for concrete and metal)
  2. 2. Gutter Coating [black] (for gutters and bars)
  3. 3. Quick coating [black] (for metals incl. Glasshouse gutters)
  4. 4. Hermopal white [clear white or grey] (anti-corrosive for steel constructions and heating pipes)
  5. 5. Steampipe Coating [red-brown or white] (quick-drying anti-corrosive for steel)

Nivola Sulphur evaporators

We carry Nivola line products! Nivola sulphur evaporators are an environmentally-friendly answer to mildew. It evaporates the right amount of sulphur safely, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The intentionally- designed chimney effect guarantees an optimum distribution of the sulphur in a greenhouse setting. These two elements, the amount of sulphur and its distribution, are what controls mildew most effectively. The Nivola cap, reduces sulphur deposits on screens or glass over the sulphur evaporator. The pendant raises the tilting point of the sulphor evaporator and contributes greatly to the stability of the Nivola sulphur evaporator.

two | Growing Medium

… You have built your greenhouse and furnished it with equipment and supplies but what will you grow your crop in? We offer Sri Lankan cocos, Fafard germination and soil mixes, rockwool, perlite, and vermiculte.

Cocos Products: Blocks, Bales, Discs, and Grow Bags

Fafard® Peatmoss, Rockwool, Perlite, and Vermiculite

three | Fertilisers

… We stock essential major and minor elements for successful plant growth as well as horticultural grade acids. We are proud to offer GrowVision®, our own line of water soluble fertilisers made in partnership with Plant Marvel®.

GrowVision™ Water Solubles, Major & Minor Fertilisers, Acidification

Elmeco EC & pH, Scales, Measuring Cups, Thermometers, Enbar LVM, Lime Sprayers, Spray Booms

GrowVision™ EC Charts

Computer Assisted Acidification and Optimised Crop Nutrition Calculator

Free online calculator! Website: http://www.flowerboy.ca

four | Onsite Manufacturing

… Got a project? We can help! Whether you need assistance with planning, installation or just making new additions to an existing system, our team can help you design a customized system that fits the specific needs of your greenhouse.

Irrigation Systems

Pre-Assemblied Drip Lines, Misting Irrigation, Heating Systems, and Plastic Gutter Systems

Customised Metal Products

Free-Fall Tomato Hooks, Vine Supports, Irrigation Hooks (to size), Manual Carts & Scissors, Plant Holders & Crop Wire Supports, Spray Booms, and our newest product: Tall and Sturdy Tomato Cages

five | Crop Management

… From bamboo, clips, twine, and more, we stock hundreds of products to aid the growth of plants and supplemental tools for the growers themselves!

Bamboo Products: Stakes, Canes, Arches, and Trellises

Clips: Bato, Paskal, and Miscellaneous

European Harvesting Tools, Poly Twine, Tomato Roller-Hook, and Jute Twine

Miscellaneous Supplies (non-comprehensive)

six | Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

… IPM has become a known acronym in modern horticultural practice. We carry high quality biological control products with many IPM supplements for your greenhouse needs. We also carry Sierra Biological Nematodes! Please visit the Biological Section for more details.

Biological Control Overview

seven | Packaging & Distribution

… The final stage of your product. Customise with sleeves, Plant Care Tags, elastic bundling, or even a full-scale sales concept. Ethylene filters are available to keep flowers or produce crisp and fresh.


Sleeves Materials, Accessories, and Sizes: Standard, Pot, Hanging Basket

Pot Covers

Chrysal® Cutflower Additives

Post-Harvest Solutions: BioXTEND® and Bercomex®

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