Cyclop Theo 11 November 2023

Cyklop equipment

  • Bundling – 

    Cyklop Elastic binder AXRO FQC2
    A robust, easy to operate binder with minimal maintenance
    Up to 100 cycles / minute
    Can be integrated into automatic machine lines
    Low noise

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    Cylastic elastic is suitable for bundling different products. It is available in different thicknesses and colors.
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    Ergonomic hand film reel (HFH)
    This reel is easy to use, increases productivity and reduces back strain

    Wrapping film
    Stretch  film that is suitable for a wide assortment of pallet wrappers. Available in various sizes, colors, thicknesses.
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    Tape and dispensers
    Cyklop PRI hand tape dispenser is robust, light weight, easy to use.

     Standard paper adhesive tape
    Fully recyclable, printable tape for manual or machine processing. Environmentally friendly.

    Standard PP acrylic tape
    Polypropylene tape with both longitudinally and laterally resistance. It can be torn by hand, unwinds easily and is suitable for manual and machine processing. Available in different sizes and strengths.

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