Plant Care Tags Next Lead 1 June 2022

Plant Care Tags & Packaging

Global is proud to offer a lineup of fully customizable plant care tag and packaging products for the horticultural industry. 

Quality Material

Our care tags are created with quality materials. We source plastics that are made from 100% recycled materials such as used pots and trays. 

Looking for a change from plastic? Go Green!


Connect With Us

Contact one of our  Global Representatives today to learn more. On request, we will send over a qualified sales representative to discuss your business direction, design ideas, and vision.

Michael Schmahl

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Available Products
  • Stick-In Tags
  • Hang Tags
  • Over-the-Hook Tags
  • Click Labels
  • Pot Covers
  • Carry-Away Packaging
  • Bamboo Sticks
Customise your Plant Tags

All plant care tags are fully customizable and tailored to fit your individual business needs. A Global representative will work with you to design the artwork for your tags. after your final approval, we will begin the manufacturing and printing process. You have the option of using our large database of high quality images or supplying your own photos. Contact us to get started with a plant tag project. Current projects underway involve Stick-in Tags, Hanging Tags, and Pot Covers.

Pot Covers

Apart from Stick-in Tags and Hanging Tags, there is a growing interest and large success in the Niagara region with Pot Covers. On the right is one example.


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