Begrow products Theo 10 November 2023

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Rockwool plug

Begrow rockwool plugs are used for propagation of seedlings followed by further growing in cubes or slabs.

Size mm:  20×27  (alternative sizes are available upon request)

  • Rockwool Cubes

Begrow rockwool cubes stimulate healthy root systems, strong plant with a good balance of vegetative an generative development as well as easy management of the growth processes.
This Cube is used for growing a wide assortment of crops such as vegetables and flowers.

Size mm:  75x75x65   100x100x65   150x100x65  (alternative sizes are possible upon request)

  • Rockwool slabs

Begrow rockwool slabs are used as the main habitat for the root system of the plant in high tech cultivation.
Mineral wool slabs have excellent moisture consuming level, which makes it possible to water the plants less frequently and thus save water resources and fertilizers.

Size mm: 1000x200x75   1000x150x100   1000x200x100  (alternative sizes are possible upon request)

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