Centimo Theo 10 November 2023

Centimo  Flower Dyes and Decorations

  • Absorbable flower dye

    The absorbable dye is supplied in a powder form. Mix this powder with water to make a colored dyeing liquid. The flowers will absorb the dye mixed with water through the stem. The flowers starts changing color within minutes. The results are astonishing. All our flower dye colors can be mixed to create your own unique colored flowers.
    The absorbable flower dyes are 100% biodegradable and are used by professionals and consumers.

    Flower petals desiccation or leaf burn is caused by damage of the stomata due to too high EC content of the color pigments of the absorbable flower dye solution.
    Centimo pigments are now improved and made to give low EC values ​​in the water after dissolution.
    Centimo absorbable pigments are unique of ingredients and produced in-house.
    In combination with our hormone and bacteria killer you will have a top color result in your flower and or leaves that you want to color.

  • Dipping / spraying dye

    The dipping dye (Centi Aqua Deco) is an easy to use water based product. Dip the flower, plant or foliage in the dye and see the results immediately. The dipping / spraying dyes are available as a concentrate or ready to use. Concentrated dye should first be mixed with water before applying it on flowers.
    We can make every RAL code. Contact us if you need a special color.

    Ready to use

    Our ready to use dipping / spraying dyes are on water basis and environmentally friendly. We already diluted the dye with water so you can start dyeing right away. just dip the flowers in the dye and let it dry it is that easy.
    We can make every pantone color. So if you need a specific color just contact us and we make it happen.

  • Glitters

    We have the normal glitter made out of polyester. Polyester is a versatile kind of glitters, comes in lots of colors and sparkles more than other types of glitter. It also handles heat better then most other types.

    Polyester glitters can be used for lots of things. For example it can be used for floral life, flooring and cars. Polyester glitter is not biodegradable, but can be recycled.

  • Industrial Snow
  • Deco Stones
  • Satin Dust
  • Vase Colors
  • Water Crystals

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