Bamboo Theo 11 November 2023


  •  Tonkin trellis fan
    •  This tonkin rack runs wide and gives your plant extra volume. With Tonkin trellises it is possible to grow plants in any desired shape; the height and the number of rungs/beams are up to you.
  • Split bamboo bundles
    • The uniform, round shape makes this stick an easy, quickly manageable supporter. Split bamboo sticks are light, strong and have a lifespan that matches the plant’s lifespan.
  • Butterfly clips
    • Butterfly Clips are a decorative binding material to support and guide branches of orchids with stakes.
  • Tonkin bamboo cane
    • The unique properties of Tonkin Bamboo Canes make these support materials suitable for horticulture.
  • Split bamboo U-trellises
    • Split Bamboo U-trellises (or Split Bamboo Cascade) are a popular way to support orchids. They are quick and easy to process. This is due to their uniform, round shape. The arches are painted and can be plasticized. The advantage of these arches is that it is a light and solid material. The plant arches have a lifespan that matches the plant’s needs.
  • Orchid hooks
    • The Orchid Hook (also known as J-hook or Orchid Wire) has a smart and simple design which is simultaneously also the strength of this binding material.
  • Metal heart or other shapes
    • The metal heart or other forms like O-shape or U-shape is perfect to guide your orchid into a special heart shape. This shape gives your orchids a beautiful and modern look. The metal heart is not only suitable for your orchids, but it can also be used for other potted plants so that they get their own modern look.

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